Sub-Matron Galash

Human House Inika dignitary


A youngish woman, perhaps in her late twenties. Though we haven’t seen her fight, it would not be unreasonable to suspect her of being a preserver of no small power. What her combat abilities are in her present, reduced state, however, is unclear.


Galash is a young woman who has risen swiftly through the ranks of House Inika to become a Sub-Matron; if Laeron is a medium-level power broker in Altaruk, Galash is a medium-level power broker throughout the entire southern Tablelands. Less apparent to the public, however, is that she is also a ranking member of the Shazlim cell of the Veiled Alliance, and a student of magic.

Her status in both her professional and personal life is in question, as she was recently decapitated by a group of dray clerics. Decapitation isn’t the handicap it used to be, however, as the dray priests used magic not seen in nearly fifteen hundred years to keep her head animate.

Sub-Matron Galash

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