Half-Elf Psionicist


Lvl. 3 half-elf psion. He wields the Tablelander.


Recruited at a young age by the Veiled Alliance of Nibenay, Lifthrasir spent much of his early life on the battlefields in the forests surrounding that city. As his psychic talents became apparent, he was taken from the battlefield and trained not only as a practitioner of the Way, but as an arms-troubador of sorts. Trained to infiltrate a household in the guise of a tutor, advisor, or mercenary commander, he would work his way closer to the target, before clouding the minds of all as he escaped. He left this profession when a mission of his went bad and the Veiled Alliance cut him loose; his survival was only guaranteed, ultimately, because his bad mission crossed paths with a bad job of Arturat, Nasir, and Yypo!k’.


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